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I was really exciting about talking to Pace and Kyeli Smith after seeing what they're doing over at Connection Revolution. I'm also excited to reveal to you guys their just released 52 Weeks To Awesome - which is currently steeply discounted until Thursday December 2nd. In today's BlogcastFM Coffee Break Teleclass I talk with Pace Smith and Kyeli Smith about Creating E-Courses That Actually Engage Your Customers. Some topics covered include:
  • Why Customers Don't Follow Through on eCourses They Have Already Bought
  • Why So Many eCourses Have Such Poor Retention Rates
  • The Shockingly High Percentage of Customers That Purchase Courses - And Never Even Start Them
  • Why Engaging Customers In Your eCourse is Good For Business
  • How To Use a Free eCourse to Build Your Subscriber Base
  • How Pace and Kelly Kingman created a Product By "Scratching Their Own Itch"
  • Check out a free sample Engaging eCourses and use our exclusive code, BLOGCASTFM for 30% off the full thing - act now, because this offer expires Thursday December 2nd at 11:59 p.m. PST. Also, until Thursday December 2nd Pace and Kyeli are offering an early bird discount on 52 Weeks To Awesome.

    Originally aired almost 7 years ago.

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