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In this backstage episode, we conduct a new experiment by changing up the format of the show.  Current events, discussion and debate all become part of the conversation. 

  • The story of a film critic that got vilified
  • How to deal with your critics when you make art
  • Learning when to ignore your critics and their feedback
  • Veronica Mars successful Kickstarter and the web series it's resulted in
  • Understanding what it takes to bypass the gatekeepers
  • The role that crowd funding can play in making great art
  • Why talent actually plays a role in your ability to succeed
  • Greg's consensus that we are largely born with talent 
  • The ecosystem that is missing for the creative entrepreneur
  • The advantages that technology startups have over creatives
  • Why a team and resources make a big difference in your ability to get ahead


People and Resources Mentioned

Veronica Mars Launches Web Series After Successful Kickstarter

The Film Critic that Villified Lone Survivor



Originally aired almost 4 years ago.

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