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In this week's backstage episode, we discuss the role of gatekeepers play in our world today. While we have the ability to bypass them, perhaps they have value.  Do they force us to step up our game?  How does the impact artists? 

  • Why your worldview matters when it comes to this debate
  • The value of our classical definition of success
  • The reason there is nothing that is true for everyone
  • Stepping up your game to the level of the absolute best
  • How personal biases effect the way gatekeepers choose
  • What the Oscars teach is about gatekeeper bias
  • Why we always point out the outliers
  • Having personal gatekeepers in your life to hold you to a standard
  • Knowing when it's valuable to bypass the gatekeeper
  • Going through the terrible phases in order to get good 

Resources, People, and Old Interviews Mentioned

Should Gatekeepers be bypassed or Embraced by Cal Newport

Ira Glass on Taste

Flying Closer to the Sun with Seth Godin

Starting a New Chapter in Life and Business with Danielle Laporte

Redefining Ambition with Amber Rae


Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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