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In 2011 Dave Ursillo published his first book Lead Without Followers. In an inspiring uphill battle, Dave has shown a tremendous amount of grit. In the last year his business has experienced a dramatic turnaround. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation 

  • Lessons from the world of politics and leadership
  • The role of self belief in your success
  • Why a mission of service matters so much
  • The subtle nuances of your language the impact your mindset
  • Understanding what you think, feel and believe 
  • Why what you say is going to be heard 
  • How to push yourself to the place of true authenticity
  • Why making your life about other people gives them power
  • The Importance of not getting attached to your success
  • Why the art matters more than the mechanics
  • Why showing up everyday is just a prerequisite
  • How the failure of a book changed Dave's perception of art
  • Dealing with a business on the brink of failure 
  • How Following through on a simple idea drastically changed Dave's business
  • Structuring a writer's group where the journey is the reward
  • The key values that were the foundations of the Literati writer's group
  • Critical Elements of Being Unapologetically You


Dave Ursillo is the founder of The Literati Writers Group, and the author or Lead without Followers. You can follow him on twitter @daveursillo.


Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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