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I spent an hour chatting with Jordan Cooper and it was one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve done. I promise you’ll get quite a few laughs out of Jordan and you’ll get several valuable tips for blogging.
  • Why you can’t interpret blogging advice literally
  • A funny story of how he came up with the name NotaProblog
  • Why you should always say yes to podcast interview requests
  • Why multimedia allows much more authenticity than written posts
  • Concepts from the world of comedy to implement in blogging
  • How you can overcome lack of talent by just networking
  • The power of hybrid content (video, text, and audio)
  • Using simple favors to build your network
  • The fatal flaw in many of the mastermind programs with other bloggers
  • The BIGGEST FALLACY in social media marketing
  • The 2 Biggest mistakes that early stage bloggers make'
  • Jordan's Video on 20 Bloggers to watch out for in a back alley
Jordan Cooper is a professional stand-up comedian who showcases his sarcastic humor with videos and written rants about blogging, social media & marketing at Not A Pro Blog. Follow him on Twitter @NotaProBlog

Originally aired over 7 years ago.

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