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In the hour I talked to David, I got so many valuable insights that he probably could have charged money for the advice he  gave in this interview. If I’d known these things in the first 3 months of my blog and implemented them, I would have grown really fast. It was clear he’s a really smart guy, who is very business savvy and you can learn alot from. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Why being naive and optimistic is an asset
  • The biggest makes that entrepreneurs make in their first ventures
  • How he went from a television show on ABC to blogging
  • The importance of a unique spin on content and creating it as if it’s for 2 million people
  • How he uses video as a form of differentiation
  • The Importance of good design
  • How to create good video content in several different ways even if you are not a natural on camera
  • The power of using Disqus to learn more about your audience and developing content of interest of them
  • The secret of landing interviews with the A-list bloggers like Seth Godin
  • Why it’s never too early to monetize
  • Why shouldn’t wait to hit thousands of readers to monetize
  • And much, much more....
David is the author and founder of The Rise to The Top. Follow him on Twitter @TheRisetoTheTop

Originally aired over 7 years ago.

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