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Sid here. Question: Would you like to get your blog off to a great start in 2011?

Yeah! Got Any Ideas?

How about kicking it off with a free one hour blog strategy consulting session with Srini? Topics Srini can help you with include
  • Defining Your Personal Brand
  • Formulating a Strategic Plan For Your Blog
  • Treating Your Blog as A Business
  • Growing Traffic To Your Blog
  • Putting Together and Launching Your First Product
  • Building Relationships Through Twitter
(And hey, you can get advice on whatever you want. This is the guy who interviews all the successful bloggers for BlogcastFM and probably has gotten over $10,000 in consulting advice from the experts we bring on.)

Cool! How Do I Enter?

You can get multiple entries - just do any (or all) of the following
  • Attend BlogcastFM Live today at 6 p.m. PST where Srini will be discussing "How To Set Blogging Goals For 2011"
  • Tweet This Post -> Click here to Retweet
  • Leave a comment on this post. Tell us what you want to do, tell us your plan, what you want help with - tell us anything you like!
The deadline is 9 p.m. PST Friday January 7th, so get your entries in today

When Will I Know?

We'll randomly pick a winner and contact you via Twitter/email/smoke signal by January 8th. If Srini is feeling generous and you leave a particularly insightful comment, at our discretion we might give away some more sessions too.

What If I Don't Win? ( a.k.a. How You Can Still Get a Strategy Session Free)

Don't worry - even if you don't win, here's how you can get your own strategy session for free: As you may have heard, the Blog Master's Club has opened this week.  David Risley is the man - I (Sid) cornered him at Blogworld at the Problogger party and picked his brain for some solid advice and this guy knows what he is doing. Multiple 6 figure businesses, and the bulk of his income is in a very competitive, difficult to monetize market. His "blog about blogging" is actually his personal blog, a side project that has turned into an authority on the subject of six figure blogging. Anyway, we've got a special offer where we've teamed up with David Risley over at Blog Master's Club. If you buy through our affiliate link (that's this one, right over here -> Blog Master's Club Affiliate Link) anytime before January 10, 2011, we'll give you:
  • A Free 1 Hour Blog Strategy Consulting Session
  • Complimentary Access To The BlogcastFM Green Room for 3 Months (a $29.95 value per month).  In the Green Room you'll gain access to valuable members only content, including 4 killer webinars:
    • 7 Pillars of Blog Traffic - Just as the name implies, we give you powerful principles, strategies and techniques that you can use to increase your traffic today, as well as long term.
    • How To Attract Subscribers by Defining Your Audience - A powerful set of strategies to help you get inside your audience's head so you can effectively grow your subscriber base with content they'll love.
    • 3 Killer Blog Post Template - Stop wasting your time trying to figure out how to organize your blog post - use the these killer blog post templates that are proven to help you connect with your audience, increase your chance of going viral on social media - and of course, provide value to your subscribers.
    • Applying The Science Of Influence To Blogging - An in depth, advanced webinar where we dig into the science of influence, and provided you very specific, powerful techniques you can use to attract readers to your blog, and eventually sell them products, services if you desire (while providing them tremendous value).
(Oh, and if you enter and win, AND pick up a copy of Blog Master's Club you can choose to use the session you win, or donate it to another blogger)

Get Your Entry In Today!

Go ahead - drop us a comment, stop by for today's webinar and don't forget -> Click here to Retweet This Post

Originally aired over 6 years ago.

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