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This week we take a look back at the Instigator series and discuss in detail what you can expect from attending The Instigator Experience. Here are some highlights from the episode:
  • A Look Back at the Interviews in the Instigator Series BlogcastFM Backstage
  • The Design of the Instigator Experience
  • Why You'll Walk Away Having Started Your Project
  • The Way We've Chosen the Speakers for Your Experience
  • A Shift to an Attendee-Focused Event 
  • Why We've Designed the First Day to Help You Work on Yourself
  • How We Plan to Alter Your Reality and Change Your Setpoint
  • The Personal Foundations Necessary to Bring a Bold Idea to Life
  • The Practical Applications and Tools for Bringing Your Idea to Life
  • How We're Defining a Bold Idea for Your Application 
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Originally aired almost 4 years ago.

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