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Greg Hartle is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I've had the good fortune to meet over the last few years. He's a serial entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He's hit rock bottom and climbed back to the top - multiple times. This is one of the most amazing stories I've come across. It's so good that I emailed a friend who is a literary agent because I want to see Greg's story turned into a book. Here are some of the highlights from our chat:
  • How Greg Hartle Rebuilt Himself from Scratch 
  • The Mindsets Necessary to Navigate Uncertainty
  • The Keys to Avoiding Worst Case Scenarios
  • Using Imagination to Serve You Rather than Sabotage You
  • Making Decisions that Generate Great Results
  • Finding the Intersection Between Your Skills and Market Needs
  • How Greg Used Twitter to Make Over $800 in His First Month
  • What Greg Has Learned from Working with 248 Entrepreneurs Free
  • Why Best Practices Suffocate Your Personality
  • How Greg Has Leveraged Local Events to Build a Brand in Every New Town
  •  What Greg Has Done to Land Speaking Engagements
  • The 4 Things that Make Up the Architecture of a Business
  • The Evolution of Greg's Knowledge Into New Methods
  • Why Consumption of Content Can Be Detrimental When You Do It Wrong
Greg Hartle is an educator, author, and digital nomad. He is founder, co-founder, investor, and/or strategic adviser with over a dozen businesses. He takes extreme risks; n occasion, it has cost him dearly. You can follow him on twitter @greghartle. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. One of our goals for 2012 is to become a top 100 show in iTunes. We can get there with your help and it will enable us to improve the how and bring on even bigger guests. So if you can, we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

Originally aired almost 5 years ago.

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