Building a Happier and more Effective Organization

The way we spend our days determines the value that we create and contribute to the world. But, the modern workplace is an interruption factory fueled by information overload and digital distractions like social media. Added up over a large enough group of people, it becomes detrimental to the performance of an organization and the well being of its employees. In this workshop/keynote, participants will learn to

  • Design environments that increase productivity and improve employee morale: Everything that we see hear, smell, taste and touch is an environment that impacts our lives. This includes the spaces we work in, the tools we use, the clothes we wear, and the information we consume. By deliberately designing the environments that make up our lives, we eliminate the need for willpower, and make our desired behavior automatic.
  • Build systems, habits, and workflows that increase efficiency and productivity: Systems, habits and workflow allow people to reallocate their mental energy to producing instead of planning.
  • Manage Attention More Effectively: Attention is the currency of achievement and in the modern world it's under assault. Through a series of simple practices participants will learn how to increase their capacity to focus.
  • Develop a Daily Creative Practice: Creativity is the precursor to innovation. If organizations want employees to innovate, they must encourage their employees to create.

This talk is based on Srini's recent book An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake