Distribution Channels and the Gatekeeper Illusion

There was a time when you needed permission from the publisher to write your book, the label to record your album, and the television network to star in your own show.

But the internet leveled the playing field. All of us have access to distribution channels like Amazon, Youtube, and iTunes. It doesn't matter if you're already famous or lingering in obscurity. Access costs nothing other than time, courage, effort, and emotional labor.

The gatekeepers abandoned their posts because they realized anybody could enter the gates. Their job changed from letting people in to looking for the people who walk through the gate, who don't wait for permission and don't wait to be picked.

But we have a cultural need to be picked and validated:

- By proud parents
- By an audience who will clap
- By a gatekeeper who let us through the gate

Because this need is so deeply embedded, we don't see that gatekeepers are an illusion. The illusion becomes our excuse for not doing our work, not taking our shot. There is no gatekeeper other than the one in your head. Maybe it's time you relieved this gatekeeper of his post.

Once you do, you can make more art.

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