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Degrees of Socialization

Most of us are socialized with implicit beliefs that manifest as explicit actions.

In the Indian community, we're socialized with the belief that security is key to a good life. We are blind to the security illusion. With that socialization, we get career recommendations. Become a doctor, lawyer, engineer.

The further we go down the path of society's life plan, the deeper our socialization becomes. Eventually, it becomes like water to a fish.

In elite universities, students are socialized to believe the noblest pursuits are prestigious grad schools, six-figure salaries at companies that look great on a resume, or the pinnacle of achievement: fuck you money. Doing anything else would be a waste of your ed

In the context of organizations, we're socialized with implicit messages about how to climb the ladder. Never mind the fact there's only room for a handful of people at the top of such a ladder.

We are all socialized to varying degrees with implicit messages about race, religion, status and skin color.

The degree to which we're socialized can determine our capacity for success on our own terms. Whether you realize it or not, you make some of the most important decisions of your life based on how you were socialized. It's worth asking if you're making this decision based on how you socialized or what you truly want.

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