10 Reasons You Should do a 100-Day Project

The versatility, flexibility, and simplicity of the 100-day project are what make it work for pretty much anyone. Aside from the rule of 100 small actions for 100 consecutive days, you decide on all the other rules so that they fit your interests and circumstances.

What I’ve Learned from 1000 Podcast Interviews

The people I’ve interviewed come from all walks of life. They include incredible artists, entrepreneurs, billionaires, presidential candidates, and porn stars. My guests have expanded my horizons, made me aware of my personal biases and given me an education that kicks the crap out of the one I got in school. But above all, after 1000 interviews, I’ve learned that everybody has a story worth telling (not just those who are rich, famous, and successful by the standards of society’s life plan).

The Power of Small Meaningful Attainable Goals (SMAGS)

Self-help literature encourages people to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, commonly known as BHAG’s. But for many, these goals are more pipe dreams than possibilities. Unless you’ve already become the next Steve Jobs, Oprah, or Beyoncé, a better alternative would be a small meaningful attainable goal (SMAG).

The Power of Creative Momentum

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when you feel as if you’re firing on all cylinders? You’re focused, productive and in the zone. What you’re experiencing is the power of creative momentum.