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Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake

Creating for your own pleasure--whether you're writing a novel, composing songs, or painting a landscape--can seem pointless. It's tempting to focus on pursuing money and fame, rather than the process itself. But creating then turns into a chore that can harm your self-esteem and suck the pleasure out of life, rather than being a source of joy.

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Amber Rae

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"In an Audience of One, Srinivas Rao makes a powerful and poignant point: by honing in on the work that serves you, it will serve the world. Through intimate conversations with masterful creatives and insights into his own practice, he guides the reader into creative shape and invites them to create a body of work that makes life worth living"

What Readers Say

This book is loaded with many ideas from many different people about how to maintain your focus in a creative profession, while not losing your mental bandwidth to social media or other factors. Many tips highly resonated with me, I will be re-reading with my highlighter and post-it notes so I can easily go to, instead of reaching for my phone and social media as a mental break. That pattern is proving to be counter-productive.

Jennifer Pratt

I have read all of Srini's books and am a HUGE fan of his work. His books have had a huge impact on my life and the way I navigate my world. He offers insights that turn things upside down and reveal an approach that you never thought of, but intuitively know is right on. This book specifically offers so many powerful tools for inventing a way of living and working that is counter-intuitive to the messages we receive from the outer world. These tools, when followed, will set you on a path to make your most powerful contribution to the world. Thank you Srini! Keep them coming!

Carla Reeves