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Let Me Personally Walk You Through
How To Become A Successful Author

(Get The Systems & Processes You Need
To Write A Good Book In A Weekend)

It’s no secret. Writing a book is one of the most difficult, rewarding and empowering things you will ever accomplish.

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It’s different from writing blog posts, emails and text messages. Because with a book you need a logical flow which carries the reader from start to finish.

Which is why most people get extremely overwhelmed and intimidated when they sit down to write a book.Maybe ideas start flowing at first, but then quickly fizzle out. Or perhaps perfection paralysis sets in and you just stare at a blank page for hours on end.

I know all this, because I’ve been there.

After writing 4 books, selling tens of thousands of copies and getting a 6-figure advance.

I’ve learned a few things successful authors do, which most writers don’t even think of.

First, almost all of the successful authors I know have some type of mentor. They recognize the need for an experienced eye to guide them through the process of ideation, creation and distribution.

Second, they focus on developing sustainable habits of productivity and creativity, rather than just on the end result.

Third, they know what they want.

They want success and the personal and financial freedom which comes with it, and they want their message to reach exponentially more people.

And they want their message to reach exponentially more people.

Now, you might know you want to write a book at some point in your life. And let me tell you from personal experience, it’s an excellent idea! Because writing a good book skyrocketed me from an unknown, struggling wanna-be to the type of person who gets paid the big bucks to speak on stage.

And I want to emphasize the good part.

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Because writing a bad book is a colossal waste of time, and will lead to wasting time, money and valuable energy.

What’s the difference?

Well a good book is effective at doing what it sets out to do.

It accomplishes your intention.. Which can be all sorts of things, from building your credibility, creating more financial flow for your life, landing you paid speaking gigs, or setting you up to attract publishers and negotiate substantial advances on future works.

A good book can start a movement.

Simply put, a good book changes lives.

Your life, and the lives of those who read it.

It’s something that is unmistakably yours. No one else could write it.

So let me cut to the chase now.

I want to show you how to build the systems and processes into your life to allow you to write a good book. Not just one book, but as many books as you would like.

Because once you have the system solid, it’s s simple as rinse and repeat with your next big idea… and the next one… and the next one.

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AND I want to show you how to do it in a
way where you don’t stress yourself out, sacrifice your
relationships, and descend into a pit of madness for eternity.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 5

Because unfortunately that’s what a lot of authors experience.

So if you are interested in becoming a successful author, who knows how to create quality content, and understands how to successfully market your book (whether you self-publish or land a deal with a publisher) AND maintain your health and wellness along your journey then this might be one of the most important pages you ever read.

Introducing Unmistakable Author
Weekend Workshop

Many years ago, I sat down and created the outline for my first book.

Six months later I was a WSJ best-selling author, and my life changed forever.

Now, I want to pass along the exact process I used to create that outline, and structure my book so it resonated with readers deeply. To pay it forward.

So I’m doing an event with a powerful ally as a trial run, to see if this is something I’d like to do more of in the future.

Please consider this your invitation to attend an exclusive, impactful and transformative experience with me, and my good friend Matthew Cooke, founder of The Supreme Performance Academy and Body Based Breakthrough.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 6

Matthew built his own 6-figure business and helped thousands of people all over the globe to reach new levels of productivity and enjoyment of life.

We are going to walk you through, step-by-step, the entire process of creating your outline for your book.

I’m also going to give you insider info on how to make the book work for you. So you can create momentum and a self-sustaining movement around your book, which will skyrocket you to the top of the charts.

We’re also going to give you all the habits, and productivity “rituals” you need to establish in order to actually finish what you start, and create quality content consistently.

But before I explain what the workshop is all about, I need to let you know who it’s for.

Because it’s NOT for everyone.

It’s NOT for people who are just starting out and looking for a fast path to riches.

– Books take time to work their magic. They are an extremely reliable way to generate wealth, brand recognition and establish yourself as an authority. However, they are not a way to make a load of money fast and if you are looking for that, this workshop is not a good fit for you.

It’s NOT for people who only want to use a book as a business card.

– Lots of people write books only to establish themselves as an authority. They don’t are about the quality of the book, they only want something to shove in people hands to “hack the system” and get respect. This workshop is for people who want to write a GOOD book. Something which actually has a chance to become a best-seller, and genuinely give good ideas and content.

It’s NOT for people who whine about work, or don’t see the value in systems

– One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they can bang out a finished book on the first draft. The truth is, it takes planning, disciplined work and editing in order to create something noteworthy. This means you need to set up systems to create sustainable success instead of hoping you get lucky on your first try.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 7

Now, let’s talk about who it IS for…

It IS for you if you are ready to step up.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 8

– At a certain point in our lives, we have to decide that now is the time. That we are ready for our next level, and we want to embrace the process of becoming the next, larger version of ourselves.

It IS for you if you already have a platform of some type.

– While it’s not a requirement, the process of creating and
marketing a book successfully will be much easier if you already have some type of online following and channel for your creativity to flow through. A blog, podcast, website, youtube channel etc. Supercharging your momentum is much easier than starting from scratch.

It IS for you if you have a message that matters.

– Some people want to write something solely for the money. Not me. I only want to work with people who actually have something to say which can genuinely help people. It should go without saying that the only way you will ever see success is by focusing on actually creating value in the world, which will return to you.

So, if you’re still curious and you feel like you can trust me as a mentor, let me explain what’s included in this workshop and why it’s included in this workshop and why it’s different you’ve ever seen before from me, or anyone else.

Here’s What’s Included In This Intimate,
Private Event

When I did the instigator event several years ago we had about 60 people attend.

It was profitable, and powerful, but nowhere near creating the type of lasting change and value delivery I truly wanted to give.

There were simply too many people to sit down with each person in anything close to a one-on-one session to give the personal guidance and feedback they needed.

So with this event, we are pulling out all the stops, and doing everything in our power to set you up to sustainably succeed. Which is why we are making this available only for a small, select group of individuals so you will get the one-on-one attention you need.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 9

Here’s what the workshop will look like:

Day 1 – Beginning Your Book The Right Way

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 10

Unmasking Your Unmistakable Story

The first thing we will do is an exploration process into what makes you unmistakable.

What I’ve found is that when people are prompted with certain questions, they tell stories they didn’t even know they had. I’m going to give you some writing prompts, to identify the core message of your book, and ultimately what we’re going to find is what it is that makes you, your story, and your book unmistakable.

Workflow, System Audit, And Notion Workspace Customization

Here we will take the book you’re working on from being an item on a to-do list to something that you do automatically. 90% of the process of writing a book is to develop a sustainable process you can follow through on every day. That usually comes from a good workflow and environment design that so that working on the book is something you do without even thinking about it. We’ll also customize your Notion workspace based on your workflow and priorities. Using it solely as a distraction-free writing tool is like driving a Ferrari on surface streets.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 11
Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 12

Free Writing Raw Material Creation

Now I will show you the exact process that I use every morning to create content for my books.
Most of this we will create through a series of free writing exercises. Given that I’m in the process of doing an outline for another book with a publisher, I’ll be doing these exercises with you. Consider this just a massive brain dump of whatever comes to mind. The goal of this is to identify all the stories and examples you want to use.

Day 2 – Developing Habits & Your Structure, Arc, and Narrative

Body-Based Breakthrough

We’ll offer practices to have you producing your best content at the drop of a hat. Matthew will provide a neuroscience-based practice called Body-Based Breakthrough, for maintaining high performance output each day during your writing sessions. To clear the cob-webs and have you reviewing and integrating your day, so that you can come to each writing session clean and clear for your best thinking to come through!
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Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 14

Outline Creation – Draft 1

We’ll take all the raw material that you’ve produced and start putting the pieces together, and getting rid of what doesn’t belong there. This is the most iterative part of the process, and we’ll keep revisiting this throughout our time together. This is also the most often overlooked part of writing a book. 90% of people sit down and try to write without really going through the process of figuring out how it will all fit together. And even those who do create an outline often do it totally wrong and don’t consider their readers and how they need a logical flow of ideas.

Advanced Free Writing Session

After we take the first shot at the outline, we’ll do another free writing session, in which you’ll create more raw material based on what you’ve done in the first draft of the outline. Here I will help you to refine your free writing system so you can be more clear in what you are trying to say, with less effort.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 15
Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 16

Habits, Environment Design and Attention Management

We’ll go through the basics of habit formation, which you’re familiar with already. But we’re going to use this time to set proper writing goals and create sustainable habits that will allow you to finish the book. While this might seem simple, it’s at the core of what’s allowed me to write four books.

Outline Creation – Draft 2

We’ll spend the remainder of this day on polishing the outline so you have a crystal clear Roadmap that will get you from a bunch of ideas to what the finished book will look like. This is where we will fill in all the missing pieces. The way my producer at CreativeLive explained it to me was like making a pizza. You get the dough and the sauce, and then you start figuring out the ingredients.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 17

Day 3 – The Publishing Process

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 18

Designing the Perfect Lifestyle as a Creative Entrepreneur

You will find out how to quickly declutter and simplify the parts of your life that may distract or pull you away from writing your book to completion. And we will walk you step by step through building a bulletproof blueprint for maintaining healthy relationships while working on your book, as well as other aspects of your environment: physical space, digital, and relationships.

What to Expect When Self Publishing

  • We’ll discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing, and go over what it takes to create a book that’s on the same production level as what you would get from a publisher.
  • I’ll also give you my entire process for how I approach my self published books so that you’ll have a methodology for how to produce shorter self-published books regularly, how to design a cover that doesn’t suck and the importance of an editor.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 19
Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 20

What to Expect When Working with a Publisher

I’ll give you the inside scoop on what publishers and agents look for, what the process is from start to finish, and my experience with negotiating for an advance that you’re happy with.

Book Marketing

Whether you self publish or have a publisher, marketing is your job. I’m not a book marketing expert, but I do know what the process looks like for getting your book to spread. Publishers suck at selling books. I’ll give you an overview of the Playbook my marketing firm put together for An Audience of One and we’ll talk through about the moving parts of a comprehensive launch plan: building a website for your book, developing pre-launch content, and crafting a pre-launch email sequence.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 21

You Will Get Everything You Need

To Write A Good Book

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 22

However, that is only half the battle.

Because so many authors and writers struggle with keeping their entire life in alignment as they create. You would be surprised how many “successful” people, including authors and entrepreneurs, are closet trainwrecks. They struggle with their bodies, their relationships and keeping their priorities in order.

So that’s why I’m working with Matthew.

Not only will he be guiding us through regular movement and breath breaks, (which are absolutely essential for getting your mind working right) he will also be giving several more in-depth teachings on…

Here’s what Matthew will provide for us:

How To Design The Perfect Lifestyle
To Support Your Creative Entrepreneurship

What does new research in neuroscience have to say about how to structure your workday?

Discover the scientific principles of creating a well-rounded work day. You will see how to have a holistic lifestyle incorporating all the components that will have you closing your laptop at days end with a sense of fulfillment and productive accomplishment. 

You will find out how to quickly declutter and simplify the parts of your life that may distract or pull you away from writing your book to completion. And we will walk you step by step through building a bulletproof blueprint for maintaining healthy relationships while working on your book, as well as other aspects of your environment: physical space, digital, and relationships.

Because what’s the point in success if you lose everyone you love along the way? 

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 23
Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 24

The Hidden Factors
That Guarantee High Performance

We know the state we write in directly impacts the quality of the content that we produce.

Yet most people don’t think about this, and just site down to write without taking the time to prime their brains to stimulate the optimal state to create. 

So as part of this event we’ll offer repeatable practices to have you producing your best content at the drop of a hat. Matthew will provide a neuroscience-based practice called Body-Based Breakthrough, for maintaining high performance output each day during your writing sessions. To clear the cob-webs and have you reviewing and integrating your day, so that you can come to each writing session clean and clear for your best thinking to come through!

This works incredibly well, and yet almost no-one does it.

Our Promise To Your Readers

Listen, we know you have what it takes to write a good book.

We also know that have a strong WHY is the secret sauce which enables you to come to completion on any project.

Writing a book is a massive undertaking, and on the days that you just don’t “feel” like writing, it’s essential to have your audience and the impact of your book top of mind, so you can get your butt in your chair and get to writing.

So because we want you to have that willpower available, we will guide you through a process to cement your commitment to your people who need YOUR message, so you can come to completion in your book writing process.

It’s our promise to you, and everyone in the future who will read your books and allow them to influence and inspire their lives.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 25

Your Investment In Yourself

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 26

If you’ve read this far, chances are you have realized a few things.

First, you probably see we are serious. We are serious about the work involved, and we are serious about getting you what you need. (You may have also realized we have all the qualifications needed to help you achieve your authorship goals)

Second, you may have realized this is unlike any event or course you’ve ever seen before. On that you would be 100% correct. Because we want to give you everything you need to become a successful author, it takes a lot more than just some books and videos, you need the entire system downloaded into your brain and integrated into your life. 

Third, you may have realized this event is gonna be expensive. On that, you would be half correct. Because while the initial investment is substantial, the amount you will receive from it in value over the next couple years… let alone the rest of your life, it’s an incredible bargain. 

Just by knowing, and applying the principles we will share with you, I have been able to land paid speaking gigs, become a top influencer on Medium.com, negotiate a $100,000+ advance and get paid as much as $15,000 for a 20 minute speaking gig.

When I took a private client through this process, they told me it should be a $10,000 service. And they’re right. 

Because if you understood how much this would change your life, you would walk through a brick wall to get it.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 27

Thankfully, you won’t have to.

The event will take place from May 31st to June 2nd, 2019.

We will have a private luxury space for you to focusing on getting what you need to become a successful author and even more important… to FEEL like a successful author.

There will be a lot of interest in this event, because this is my first time offering anything like this. At the moment of writing this, there are 59,677 contacts in my email list management software.

Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 28
Unmistakable Author Retreat Weekend 29

We are only making this available for a maximum of 12 people.

Which is why we require an application in order to make sure you are a good fit for the event. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and we want to ensure the event is filled with committed, driven and capable professionals who will follow through on the process and write the book they dream of writing.

If you are ready to apply now, click the link below:

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What Previous Clients Have To Say

“I was writing a lot but hardly publishing at all.”

“Prior to writer’s workshop, I was writing a lot but hardly publishing at all. When it came to publishing I would just get paralyzed. In the workshop I learned a lot of things, one being that volume trumps perfectionism. I am now writing 500 words a day and my content is resonating more than it ever has, and I am absolutely writing more fearlessly”

– Carla Reeves

” It helped me seek out resources to develop a platform, get published and become a money earning writer. “

“The tools I got from the fearless writers workshop got me writing on a daily basis… It helped me seek out resources to develop a platform, get published and become a money earning writer. If you have a passion for the written word and want to build an audience, this is a great place to start.”

– Michael Jaffe

Apply Now

Imagine 5 Years Down The Road

5 years from now, you will be 5 years older. Duh, right?

But in 5 years you could be in the exact situation you’re in right now. Dreaming of writing, expressing yourself creatively and getting rewarded for it, financially, socially, emotionally and dare I say even spiritually.

Or you could have written a book. Maybe it did alright, and you made some money off it, got some speaking gigs and overall it’s a nice little feather in your cap.

And finally, there’s my hope for you… which is that you’ve written not only one book, but as many as your heart desires! And they ALL did well. You built a fanbase, an audience who trusts you, and it has led to more opportunities than you can count.

The difference between these three scenarios is how seriously you decide to take your creative career right now.

If you don’t turn up the serious dial, then 5 years from now nothing will have changed.

If you turn it up a bit, then you’ll create more and reap more results. 

But if you decide to crank it 11, and make the switch to viewing yourself as a professional?

Well, then, the sky is the limit my friend.

So you are at the crossroads right now, and you have a choice to make. If you are willing and able to invest in yourself and your future right now, I will do everything in my power to give you everything you need to succeed as an author build a fantastic creative career.

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Apply Now For This Never Before Seen Opportunity

Now is your time. If you have read this far chances are you have seen the possibility for yourself. You know what writing a book will do for you and you are ready to take action.

So click the button below and fill out the application right now.

If you fit our criteria then we will schedule a call, ask some questions, and if it’s the right time then we’ll line up the details and give you one of the limited 12 spots available. Click the button below to apply now:

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