• New age inspirational bullshit that sounds good in self-help books, motivational seminars, and TED talks, but doesn't actually work.
  • Scammers, hype artists, internet marketers, and bullshitters who who make false promises that cause you to flush your hard earned cash down the toilet
  • Spiritual teachers who say the are "conscious" but seem like they're out of touch with reality or smoking crack.
  • One-size fits all life and business advice that never works for you
  • Signing up for yet another online course or program only to find yourself searching the internet for another magic pill
  • Starting yet another creative project that gets added to the pile of things you started, but never finished

Do wIsh You COuld Find Some No Bullshit Personal Development Advice That Actually Works? 

Welcome to the Unmistakable Creative. A corner of the internet for creatives, misfits, instigators, rebels, and people who don't feel like they belong anywhere else. Maybe you

  • Have crazy hobbies like juggling chainsaws,
  • Make crazy art like tying balloons to police cars,
  • Create art installations from items in the frozen food section at the supermarket
  • Play with Legos even though you're supposed to be an adult
  • Paint in coloring books
  • Suffer from a pathological inability to accept the status quo

You might just be an Unmistakable Creative. It's a bit like Cheers.*Everyone knows your name and we are always glad you came.

Are you frustrated with… 1

Unmistakable art doesn't require a signature. It's so infused with your heart, mind, and spirit that no one else could have created it. It's immediately recognizable as something you made—nobody could have done it but you.

In a world full of noise, standing out isn't a matter of success. It's a matter of survival. And we don't want to just show how to survive, but teach you how to thrive in the creator economy.

Maybe you don't self-identify as an artist, but I define art as any proactive act of creation: a project, interaction, blog post, report, paper, book, song, performance, company, the way you coach clients, teach, and so on. When we view our work and engage with it through the eyes of an artist, we can't help but see things differently.

What you'll get from us is no bullshit personal development advice that works without having to drop your monthly paycheck at a new age gift shop on tarot cards, crystals, candles, idols of Hindu Gods, and incense. (Yeah, it's probably sacrilegious for an Indian Person to say that)

We'll never tell you we have all the answers because we'd be full of shit if we did. We encourage you to challenge our ideas, question our assumptions, and modify our advice so it works in the context of our own life.

Our mission at the Unmistakable Creative is to help our readers, podcast listeners, and community members

  • Ditch other people's definition of success.
  • Build skills and develop habits they can use in every part of their lives.
  • Bring ambitious creative projects to life
  • Build an audience for their work
  • Making your childhood dreams come true in adulthood

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