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Accepting Responsibility for Your Results

When you work with a teacher, a coach, a mentor or sign up for a course, it's tempting to pass on responsibility for your results. But the only person who is responsible for your achievements is you. 

  • If you sign up for a gym membership but never go, you can't blame the instructors for the fact that you haven' lost the weight.
  • If you work with a coach or mentor, they can guide you, advise you on what actions to take but if you don't do any of that, it's on you
  • You could hire the best marketing strategist in the world, have that person assemble a plan, but if you don't execute the plan, you can't blame them

People make investments in themselves every day, but dodge responsibility for their results. If you don't remove the shrink wrap, you won't have a leg to stand on when you assign blame and attempt to let yourself off the hook.

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