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10 Symptoms of Resistance

Nobody is immune to what Steven Pressfield calls resistance. Every artist, entrepreneur, or person attempting to reach a higher state of consciousness will experience resistance. I experience it the moment I start typing. The following are all symptoms of resistance.

1.You choose shallow work like email or social media over deep work like reading, writing, or computer programming.

2. You find yourself making the same excuses over and over.

3. You say you don't have time for something when it's not a priority.

4. You're focused on the prize instead of the process and metrics over mastery.

5. You confuse attention with accomplishment.

6. You don't have a long term view and attempt to build empires in an afternoon, make a dent in the universe in a week.

7. The drama in your personal life affects how you show up in your professional life (something I've been guilty of).

8. You're caught up in what Anne Lamott calls the "fantasies of the uninitiated and confuse doing creative work with living a creative life.

9. You always compare yourself to your peers and obsessive over your relative standing instead of putting that energy into doing your work.

10. You choose the path of least resistance, whether that be the easiest project, or remaining an anonymous critic.

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