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Why You Must Be Bigger Than Your Circumstances - BlogcastFM Backstage

In this episode of BlogcastFM Backstage, we revisit our interview with Meg Worden and get into a really interesting discussion about how your mindset influences of your business. Here are some highlights from our chat:
  • Why Greg and I Probably Won't Be Running a Sports Team BlogcastFM Backstage
  • Abandoning Positioning and Image and Replacing It with Story
  • The Importance of Not Treating Your Audience Like a Therapist
  • Using Your Story and Your Past to Shift People's Paradigms
  • Getting to a Place Where You're Completely OK with Your Past
  • The Story of Greg's Expulsion from High School and His Crazy Childhood
  • Why You Have to Learn to Be Bigger Than Your Circumstances
  • How to Escape the Prisons We Create in Our Everyday Lives
  • Why There Are Few People Who Could Survive on Talent Alone
  • The Importance of Acting Bigger Than Your Circumstances
  • Believing That You Are Somebody Before You Become Successful
  • Why You Must Develop a Tolerance for Uncertainty
  • How Living Ny Cause and Effect Is Completely Backwards
  • Using Your Memory and Imagination to Serve You
  • Greg's Secret Desire to be a Fashion Mogul
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