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Typical Excuses Bloggers Make Instead of Writing Ebooks - And How To Get Over Them with Michael Martine

Warning: Today’s episode contains some instances of strong language. In today's BlogcastFM Coffee Break Teleclass, Sid talks with Michael Martine, a prior BlogcastFM guest and author of How To Write an Ebook That Doesn't Suck (And Sell it From Your Blog), about Typical Excuses Bloggers Make Instead of Writing Ebooks - And How to Get Over Them. Highlights of the teleclass include:
  • Excuse #1:  Everybody keeps saying ebooks are dead. Are ebooks even a viable format anymore?
  • Excuse #2: I got no time to write my ebook! Between blogging, social media, and client work, I just can't find the time.
  • Excuse #3: I don't know what makes a good ebook or how to format it! How can I write an ebook when I don't know how to structure it, and should it be portrait or landscape orientation?
  • Excuse #4: Man, I don't want to write my ebook and have nobody buy it. How can I tell if anyone will actually want to buy it or download it?
  • Excuse #5: I have no idea what I should charge for it, so I haven't written it.
  • Excuse #6: Darn it Michael, I'm a blogger, not a copywriter. I can't write my ebook because I don't know how to write a sales page!
  • Excuse #7: I don't have a guide that tells me step-by-step how I can write an ebook that doesn't suck and sell it from my blog.
  • The Inspiration and Story Behind How To Write an Ebook That Doesn't Suck (And Sell It From Your Blog)
  • The People Who Will Benefit Most from the Ebook
Michael Martine is a blog consultant, coach, designer, and trainer. He's been blogging since 1999 and currently blogs at remarkablogger.com.  You can follower him on twitter @remarkablogger.  

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