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The Ultimate App Review Episode - Backstage #5

David finally left the dark side and got an iPhone 5! BlogcastFM Backstage It didn't take long for him to realize he should have done that a long time ago (actually I just made that up because I wasn't sure what else to say). But in typical Crandall fashion, he's been geeking out like a madman with the thing. For him that means apps, apps, and more apps. In this episode we walk through review of about 60 apps. But we also discussed some things that got our attention this week. I thought I knew plenty about apps, but he turned me on to some pretty cool ones: Categories We Covered Include:
  • Productivity
  • Social Apps
  • Collaboration
  • Music
  • I'm Embarrassed to Have It
Articles We Recommend and Discussed Include:
  1. A Rant in Praise of the Unremarkable 
  2. Relax You're Already Ok
  3. Stop Being a Jackass With Your Linkedin Requests
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