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Srini and Farnoosh Brock on the Power of Relationship Marketing

The launch of the relationship marketing ebook is coming around the corner. So our theme for this week is, of course, relationship marketing. Today, I decided to bring back a frequent guest and someone that I've had an amazing relationship with in the blogosphere, Farnoosh Brock. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Why Every Relationship and Every Reader Matters
  • Making Friends Instead of Followers
  • The Importance of Giving Everything You Can
  • Some Amazing Stories About What You Gain from Relationship Marketing
  • And more...
Farnoosh Brock is a repeat guest on BlogcastFM whose latest product is The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide. In her online activities, she talks about Smart Habits for Rich Living, technology, and blogging. She also likes yoga, photography, world travel, tango, cycling, languages, the classics, and Persian art. You can follow her on twitter @prolificliving.

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