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Sam from the Financial Samurai Discusses the Yakezie Network

Sam is a very successful blogger who has launched a powerful blogging network of personal finance bloggers. In that process he has connected a powerful group together and all the members of the network have benefited.
  • How he Leveraged the Economic Downfall to His Advantage
  • The Essentials to Competing in a Saturated Niche
  • How Sam Used Commenting to Build A Community And Audience around His Blog
  • Why You Need to be Interested in the Subject You Are Writing About
  • An In-depth Look Into a Creating, Forming and Joining a Blog Network
  • The Essentials to Forming a Powerful Blog Network
  • Why You Should Never Underestimate the Power of The Small Bloggers
  • Why Should  Join the Yakezie Network
  • The 100 Thousand Dollar Revenue Goal of the Yakezie Network (mind blowing stuff here)
Sam Dogen is the creator of Financial Samurai, a personal finance site where he helps you slice through money's mysteries in an edgy and sometimes comical sort of way.  Sam is also the founder of the Yakezie Personal Finance and Lifestyle Blog Network with over 100 Members and Challengers.  You can sign up for Financial Samurai's feed here and find Sam on Twitter @FinancialSamura.  Finally, if you'd like to join the Yakezie Challenge, please visit the post where it all started!

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