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Robert Dempsey Discusses Humanizing Your Brand, Making Money with Your Blog, and Writing Compelling Content

I kept seeing Robert Demspsey’s name pop up on twitter over and over through the people in my network. And eventually, one of his headlines caused me to go check him out. Robert is really an entrepreneur first and a blogger second. Just as I expected, he had plenty of valuable insights to share:
  • How He Used His Company Blog to Get Clients
  • Making Every Single Blog Post an Opportunity to Monetize
  • The Importance of Calls to Action in Your Content
  • Humanizing Your Corporate Brand with Your Blog
  • Why You Should Advertise Your Own Products on Your Own Blog
  • The Power of Providing Killer Free Content
Robert Dempsey is CEO and founder of ADS. He is an entrepreneur, husband, and father - all roles that keep him very busy, and for the most part out of trouble. Robert is usually busy building empires for fellow entrepreneurs using technology, psychology, and marketing. You can follow him on twitter @rdempsey.

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