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Classic: Ramit Sethi Talks About Writing a Series that Generates Lots of Traffic, Getting a Book Deal, and Why Blogs Are a Terrible Way to Make Money

Originally published on August 4, 2010. Republished as a BlogcastFM Classic on January 5, 2012. Unless you haven’t left your house or set foot in a bookstore (which would make you a really strange blogger), for the last five years, then it’s likely you have heard of or even subscribe to Ramit Sethi’s Blog. This has been one of the most eye opening interviews I’ve done and it really shifted my perspective. In this interview you’ll hear some really different perspectives on blogging. Here are some highlights from our conversation:
  • How Losing $2,000 Motivated Him to Learn About Money 
  • The Unsuccessful I Will Teach You to be Rich Course He Created in College
  • Telling the Right People About Your Blog and Content
  • Using the First 6 Months to Find a Voice
  • How to Write a Series that Generates a Sh*tloads of Traffic
  • The Reality of Publishing a Book
  • Why You Shouldn’t Focus Your Relationships Building Efforts on the A-list
  • Why Blogs are an AWFUL Way to Make Money
  • How Turning Down $100,000 in Sales Enabled him to Connect to His Audience
  • The Most Important Questions to Ask to Determine Your Audience
  • Segmenting Your Readers and Targeting them Accordingly
  • Why He Didn’t Monetize for 3 Years
  • The Advantages of Freelancing
  • The Keys to Effective Email Marketing
  • Dispelling the Passive Income Myth (Something You Really Need to Hear)
Ramit Sethi writes about personal finance and personal entrepreneurship at I Will Teach You to Be Rich. He has a specialty in persuasion and behavioral change. You can follow him on twitter @ramit. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. One of our goals for 2012 is to become a top 100 show in iTunes. We can get there with your help and it will enable us to improve the how and bring on even bigger guests. So if you can, we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes. 

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