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Essential Elements of an Amazing Personal Brand with Mars Dorian

My buddy Mars Dorian is one of my all-time favorite people in the blogosphere. He has some of the best insights on building your brand that I've ever heard. Last time, he talked about having an amazing personal brand. He combines words and pictures in a way that will make you hang on his every word - and drool over his drawings. He also has a cool German accent that will set your ears on fire. Here are some of the highlights from our chat:
  • How Mars Tapped into One of His Greatest Skills to Stand Out 
  • The Difference Between Branding Under Your Name or a Brand Name
  • How to Find the Intersection Between Your Unique Skills and Market Needs
  • Why Entering Crowded Markets is Essential
  • The Biggest Mistakes that Make Your Blog Linger in Obscurity
  • Why You Might Be Overlooking Some of Your Greatest Strengths
  • How Mars Makes His Brand Unforgettable
  • The Problem with the “Blogging Mindset”
  • How Knowing Your Purpose Will Make a Massive Difference
  • Insights Into the Mars Product Creation and Development Process
  • The Mars Dorian Dictionary and How He Gets People to Recognize His Writing Everywhere
  • Why Everything on Your About Page Should Be Representative of Your Brand
  • Why the Products You Create Are Like Souvenirs of Your Brand
Mars Dorian is a visual storyteller and creative marketer with a moon-melting passion for art and technology. He is very down to earth, but says he is not from this earth. You can follow him on twitter @MarsDorian. Special Offer: If you use the discount code blogcastfmrocks you'll get a 20% discount on  The Outstander. Just click here or on the photo below.  

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