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Writing Killer Guest Posts that Generate Thousands of Dollars in Income with Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is somebody that got on my radar when Jen Gresham mentioned his guest blogging course as one of the best investments she had ever made in his blog. A few weeks laterĀ  he wrote an epic blog post for Problogger that ended up going viral. As far as writing guest posts that really provide results, there's no better authority than Jon Morrow. In this interview he shared some amazing insights:
  • Why Good Content is Not Enough
  • The Power of Hiring an Influential Mentor
  • How Jon Got Seth Godin to Link Back to His Blog
  • Some Insights into Interviewing Highly Influential People
  • Writing Guest Posts that Generate Tons of Traffic
  • Making Thousands of Dollars from One Guest Post
  • And much more...
Jon Morrow is the Associate Editor of Copyblogger. His latest venture is Guest Blogging. You can follow him on twitter @JonMorrow.

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