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John Falchetto Talks About Building Your Writing Muscle, Connecting with People, and the Life of an Expat

John Falchetto is somebody I truly admire and respect. He has a natural ability to connect to people and build relationships. John really gets what it takes to do this effectively in the online world and he shared some great insights into his process:
  • How to Build Your Writing Muscles
  • The Parts of Blogging Success You Never See
  • Connecting with People Who Resonate with You
  • Building a Thriving Tribe/Community Around Your Blog
  • Why You Should Talk to People Who are Not Your Perfect Clients
  • The Myths of the 4-Hour Work Week Exposed
John Falchetto is the Expat Life Coach and helps expatriate entrepreneurs capture and replicate his success. His last three businesses were started in foreign countries - Egypt, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates - with all the challenges that go with that. He now lives with his wife and daughter in a scenic village in the south of France, but operates globally. You can follow him on twitter @johnfalchetto.

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