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Moving the Impossible Beyond the Blog with Joel Runyon

My buddy Joel was a guest on BlogcastFM almost a year ago (Joel Runyon Talks About Blogging for a Purpose Beyond Traffic and Money).  He’s had a major transformation with his blog since we last had him on the show. We covered a bunch of areas of interest to bloggers. Here are some highlights from out latest chat:
  • Why Joel Took a Major Step in Extending His Brand Beyond His Blog 
  • How Joel Tapped into the True Community at His Blog
  • What it Takes to Create a T-Shirt Line for Your Blog
  • The Video-Based Commercials Joel Created for His T-shirt
  • Why  “Finding a Niche” is a Lousy Approach to Blogging
  • The Importance of Reaching a Point Where People Disagree with the Things You Say
  • How Good Photos and Videos Make a Huge Impact on Your Blog
  • The Essential Elements of Writing a Manifesto
  • How Joel Leveraged SlideShare to Market His Manifesto
  • The Launch of Nerve Rush and a Simple Passion Project
Joel Runyon blogs at Blog of Impossible Things and is set on telling a great story with his life by doing impossible things that most people only dream of: running triathlons, travelling the world, and throwing spears (or javelins) on occasion. You can follow him on twitter @joelrunyon.
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