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How to Develop a Happiness Habit - BlogcastFM Backstage

In this episode of BlogcastFM Backstage, we revisit our interview with Shawn Achor and discuss developing a happiness habit. Here are some highlights from this episode:
  • How Greg Made Something and Sold It with Selz BlogcastFM Backstage
  • An Amazing Story about a Nurse's Side Business
  • How Greg Connects with So Many Interesting People
  • Why We Need to Spend More Time Disconnected
  • The Importance of Being Open to Connections
  • A Glimpse into the End of Ten Dollars and a Laptop
  • Why You Can't Live by Cause and Effect 
  • Living in The Reality vs. A Reality
  • The Importance of Consistency in Changing Your Behavior
  • Why Gratitude Plays a Huge Role in Your Success
  • Understanding That Happiness is Not a Permanent State
  • The Difference Between Practice and Consumption 
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