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How to Play a Bigger Game with Your Life and Business

In this week's BlogcastFM Backstage, we revisit our interview with Nisha Moodley, and discuss how to level up with each project and take bigger risks.  Here are some highlights:
  • What We've Learned from The Instigator Experience Launch BlogcastFM Backstage
  • How to Keep Increasing Your Realm of Possibility
  • Taking Little Risks and Building On Them
  • Why the Fear of Shipping Never Goes Away
  • The Myth that Things Get Easier with Success
  • The Multiple Outcomes that Could Occur for You
  • The Relationship Between Ditching Baggage and Success
  • Why There Is a Right and Wrong Time  to Ship Something
  • The Power of Creating and Starting
  • Why Every Little Bet Establishes a New Normal
  • A Look Back at Our Chat with Nisha Moodley
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