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How Mike Michalowicz Sold 2,000 Copies of His Book In 24 Hours

About a year ago, we had Mike Michawoliz here to talk about the start of his blog, The Toilet Paper Entrepeneur (Mike Michalowicz On Selling Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies and His Journey from Bootstrapper to Entrepreneur). A few weeks ago, he came out with a new book called The Pumpkin Plan. He's an amazing and insightful entrepreneur. Here are just a few of the highlights from our conversation:
  • How Mike Kept Going Against the Grain to Succeed 
  • Why Mike Got Fired From a Company that Acquired His Business
  • The Power of Fearing the Path You're On
  • Why Money Amplifies Who You Are
  • The Importance of Developing Systems that Enable You to Scale
  • How to Position Your Company In Order to Sell It
  • Why the Acquisition of Mike's Company Made Him Arrogant
  •  3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself at Every Fork In the Road
  • Why the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Need Coaches
  • Finding Your Mastermind Groups
  • Tactics to Implement Systems into Your Business
  • A System to Get Consistent, Honest Reviews For Books
  • The Seeds for Mike's New Book
  • How to Identify the Tasks in Your Business that Can Be Outsourced
  • A Look Into Mike's Book Writing Process
  • A Lesson in Content Creation from Successful Rock Bands
  • One of the Most Original Book Marketing Plans
Mike Michalowicz is the author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and The Pumpkin Plan. He likes 80s hairbands and is super proud of what entrepreneurs do (he thinks they support the entire world). You can follow him on twitter @MikeMichalowicz.
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