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Growth Hacking Your Business with Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday has made quite the name for himself. What started as an apprenticeship with Tucker Max, eventually led to a role as the head of marketing at American Apparel at the age of 25.  His insights have resulted in millions of dollars of free publicity for his clients. In this interview, we talk about his new book Growth Hacker Marketing, and how billion-dollar companies are built. He previously appeared on our Confessions of a Media Manipulator with Ryan Holiday episode. Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • Developing Media Narratives for Your Business/Brand 
  • Why the Media is Desperate for Really Good Stories
  • The Reason Your Stories Need to Be Newsworthy
  • What Causes Things to Spread on the Internet
  • A Look at the Launch of James Altucher's Book
  • The Controversy that Was Caused by Ryan's Last Book
  • The Power of Crossing Lines that We Shouldn't Cross
  • Why You Should Invent Your Own Category
  • Lessons from the World of Building Startups that Apply to Creatives
  • How to Build Growth Hacking into All Your Marketing Efforts
  • The Power of Flexibility in Your Efforts
  • Why It's Cheaper than Ever to Be a Growth Hacker 
  • A Mini Tutorial on How to Build and Market Your First App
  • How to Growth Hack Writing a Book

Ryan Holiday is an author, writer, marketer, and media strategist. You can follow him on twitter @RyanHoliday. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. 

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