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Farnoosh Brock Talks About the Product Creation Process and The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide

Farnoosh is one of my favorite bloggers! And she's somebody I’ve been great friends with since we met last year at BlogWorld. Any time we have her on as a guest, she packs her interviews with insane amounts of value - and this one was no different. During our discussion about her new product, she gave me some fantastic insights:
  • Why Knowing Your Strengths is Key to Creating Your First Product
  • Finding an Angle on Subjects that Have Already Been Covered
  • Defining a Budget/Timeline for Your Product Launch
  • How to Identify and Work with Your Graphic Designer
  • The Impact of Your Product Beyond the Number of Copies You Sell
Farnoosh Brock is a repeat guest on BlogcastFM whose latest product is The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide. In her online activities, she talks about Smart Habits for Rich Living, technology, and blogging. She also likes yoga, photography, world travel, tango, cycling, languages, the classics, and Persian art. Special 20% discount for BlogcastFM listeners: To get the discount, go to The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide and use the code BLOGCASTFM. Our special discount code is good for 96 hours. It expires on Tuesday, May 3rd. So don't delay - check out the page to learn how a good product page is put together, and if it's what you're looking for, pick up a copy (for 20% off by using code BLOGCASTFM).

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