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Email Marketing Best Practices with Ben Settle

I discovered Ben's work when I read a post of his at Copyblogger.  His insights on email marketing were some of the most eye-opening I've ever come across.  So, I decided to do some more digging on his work and knew that we had to get him on BlogcastFM. Here are just a few of the highlights from our chat:
  • Why 99% of People Are Doing Email Marketing Completely Wrong 
  • The Problem with "Drinking the Kool Aid" of Any Advice
  • The Reason Ben Sells Physical Products and Digital Products
  • The Power of Doing the Opposite of What People Say You Should Do
  • Why Failure is a Prerequisite for Success as an Entrepreneur
  • Key Questions that Will Dramatically Increase Your Success with Email Marketing
  • How Ben Leveraged Other People's Audiences to Generate Revenue
  • Why Consumption is a Significant Part of Your Online Business
  • Giving People What They Need Instead of What They Want
  • Why Ben Emails His List Every Single Day
  • Developing the Teacher v.s Entertainer Mindset
  • The Reason Unsubscribes Don't Matter
  • Figuring Out Your Message to Market Match
  • Why Curiosity is the Most Powerful Thing in Selling
Ben Settle is an email specialist and author who is taking care of business. You can follow him on twitter @BenSettle. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. One of our goals for 2012 is to become a top 100 show in iTunes. We can get there with your help and it will enable us to improve the how and bring on even bigger guests. So if you can, we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

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