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Dino Dogan Talks About Blogging Without an Outcome and the Launch of Triberr

Dino Dogan is an interesting and wildly charismatic guy. He's also pretty animated and got on my radar because of many of the other people I’ve been interviewing lately. In this interview, he gave me some really interesting insights into his approach to blogging and life. Here are some highlights of our chat:
  • Building a Community in Your Niche
  • Why You Should Completely Eliminate Self-Interest
  • Blogging without Goals or an Outcome in Mind
  • How the Solution for a Problem turned into Triberr
  • Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Make Money Blogging
  • How to Stand Out from the Echo Chamber
Dino Dogan is the founder of http://triberr.com. His background is in music (as a singer/songwriter) and fitness (specifically as it pertains to Martial Arts), and he's a biker who loves dogs. Most importantly, he's a life-long student. You can follow him on twitter @dino_dogan.

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