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Creating Things that Matter with Charlie Gilkey

We had Charlie as a guest on the show in the early days of BlogcastFM. See Charlie Gilkey on Turning Your Blog into a Real Business, Networking, and Collaboration. Since then, he's been busy making quite a ruckus.  In this interview, you'll get a very eye-opening and refreshing look into the content creation process. Here are some highlights from our most recent chat:
  • How  Philosophy Informs Charlie's Content Charlie Gilkey
  • Figuring How a Business Supports Our Collective Thriving
  • Integrating Your Previous Experience Into Your Brand and Content 
  • Leveraging Your Life Experiences to Tell Stories and Create Content
  • The Problem with Reverse Engineering Your Successful Posts 
  • Why You Need to Have a Context for Your Numbers and Metrics
  • What You Need to Think About In Terms of Long-Term Impact
  • Why the Need for Approval Kills Your Ability to Create
  • The Power of Writing 50 Posts to Start Your Blog
  • Why You Need to Focus Your Efforts on Action
  • Articulating the Core Elements of Your Brand Statement 
  • Learning to Recognize When You Need Help
  • Finding the Simplicity and Building from There 
  • The Power of Asking People Why They Connect with You
  • Why the Thing You Stand for Will Change
  • The Content Doppler Effect and Why You Need to Be Aware of It
  • An Early Glimpse into Charlie's Next Book
  • Writing Something That Serves the People Who Show Up for You

Resources Mentioned Include:

Tweetable Insights Include:

  • Your brand creates an emotive connection between you and your readers (Click to Tweet)
  • Tweets and status updates don't change lives. They interrupt them (Click to Tweet)
  •  A lot of bloggers get too obsessed with the numbers without understanding what they mean (Click to Tweet)
  • We can do powerful things in the world, but it requires execution (Click to Tweet)
Charlie Gilkey helps people and organizations start finishing the stuff that matters. He is a coach, consultant, writer, speaker, teacher, and superhero cultivator. You can follow him on twitter @CharlieGilkey. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. Oh, and we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

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