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Classic: Taking a One Month Old Blog from 20 to 800 Page Views a Day with April Bowles Olin

Originally published October 25, 2010 and republished as a BlogcastFM Classic on December 22, 2011. In our survey, some of you had asked us to do a segment where we follow a blog in progress, so we did. April and I spoke shortly before BlogWorld. She was the winner of the 1-hour consulting session that we gave away here at BlogcastFM.  When I spoke to April, her blog was only one month old. She took just one of the ideas from the consulting session that I did with her and got some phenomenal results. Here are some highlights from our chat:
  • Going Through the Forums in Your Niche to Identify Key Problems You Can Solve 
  • How She Went from 20 People Reading Her Blog to 800 Visits in One Day by Writing a Series
  • How the Series She Wrote Resulted in 11-13 Email Subscribers Per Day
  • Why the Series Put Her on the Etsy Must Read for Success List (like a guest post on Problogger for her niche)
  • Positioning Your Series in Such a Way that It is Incredibly Appealing to Other Bloggers (even when you are the smallest blogger)
  • The Keys to Making Sure that Nobody Participating in Your Joint Series Drops the Ball
  • How Even a Small Group of Writers Collaborating Can Reach a Large Audience
  • The Amazing Relationships that Resulted from Writing a Joint Series
  • Using the Power of Small Bloggers to Connect with Big Bloggers
Blacksburgbelle was started by April and her mother-in-law to help other creative women lead more fulfilling lives doing what they love.  Their mission is to teach people how to fill their days with creativity, inspiration, time with friends and family, and of course, money, honey.  You can follow her on twitter @blacksburgbelle. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter.

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