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BlogcastFM Announces Exclusive Sponsor and Strategic Partner DIMEPR

Today we're bringing you an episode that we've been dreaming of recording ever since we started BlogcastFM a little over a year ago. As some of you know, we've searched quite a bit for what might be a fitting sponsor. And we ended up in a far different and better place than we originally thought we might when we started the search for sponsors. In this episode, you'll get to hear directly from our new sponsor, DIMEPR, and what it means for you as a BlogcastFM listener:

  • The Synergies that Resulted in the Strategic Partnership
  • How Having a PR Firm as Our Partner Will Benefit You as a Listener
  • The Power and Responsibility of Bloggers as a Media Outlet
  • Insights from the DIME CEO on Entrepreneurship
  • The Future of BlogcastFM and DIMEPR

DIME PR is a next-generation PR and communications agency.  Since 2007, they have been delivering buzz, not buzzwords, for their clients. DIME PR believes in delivering multiple points of contact between their clients and their clients' customers.  They deliver campaigns which tightly integrate the use of traditional media along with today’s new media and social media landscape. You can follow them on twitter @DIMEpr.

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