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Best of 2012: #9 Erika Napoletano

Erika Napoletano has one of the most original voices in the blogosphere. If you haven’t spent any time at her blog, Redhead Writing, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It’s witty, intelligent and insightful. In this interview, Erika walks us through her journey from blog to not just one, but two book deals. Make sure you use the hashtag #bestof2012 if you want to share the interviews. Here are some highlights from our chat:
  • Why Erika Took a 66% Paycut so She Could Do Work She Loves
  • How to Find Your Voice as a Writer Erika Napoletano
  • Why Erika Combined Her Business and Personal Blog
  • A Key Insight on Catering to the Needs of Your Audience
  • Why Knowing Yourself is Essential to Creating a Personal Brand
  • Why the Middle of The Road is Where You Get Killed
  • How Disagreements Cause New Conversations
  • A Blog Comment Policy that Creates an Amazing Community
  • The Difference Between Unlikeable and Unpopular
  • A Touching Story of How Her Book, Unpopular, Came to Be
  • The Marketing and Promotion Behind Erika’s Book
  • How to Make Your Self-Published Book Stand Out
Erika Napoletano is the Head Redhead at RHW Media. Her blog consistently strives to say what others won’t and don’t about marketing, social media, business integrity and life in general. She’s the author of two books, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, was recently named by the Denver Post as one of Colorado’s top Twitter Personalities and received the 5280 Magazine Top of the Town 2011 Reader’s Choice award for Best Twitter Personality. You can follow her on twitter @RedheadWriting. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. One of our goals for 2012 is to become a top 100 show in iTunes. We can get there with your help and it will enable us to improve the how and bring on even bigger guests. So if you can, we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

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