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Abby Kerr Talks About Creating an Addictive Brand Identity

Anytime a longtime listener becomes a guest on the show, it makes me feel like celebrating. Abby Kerr has been a BlogcastFM listener since the day we launched the site.  But she hasn't just been a listener. She's been busy making waves - and implementing the ideas and advice of our guests to build a thriving business. Here are just a few highlights from our chat:
  • Lessons from the Brick and Mortar World that Apply to the Online World
  • The Evolution of Blogging over the Last Two Years
  • Why Your Blog Needs to Focus on the User Experience
  • Why You Need to Understand the Lifestyle of Your Readers/Clients to Create Content
  • The Importance of Identifying Your Right People and How to Do It
  • Creating Personas Around Your Readers
Abby Kerr is a brand editor who is a natural born, market-tested tastemaker - an arbiter of what works and why. She helps entrepreneurs up their addictability factor and rule their realm with her business. Abby is a fiction writer, Bravo watcher, and is elatedly working from home and cafés. You can follow her on twitter @abbykerr.

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