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How He Built a YouTube Channel with Over 200,000 Views with Tyrone Shum

We’ve had Tyrone Shum on as a guest in the episode Tyrone Shum Discusses Outsourcing Strategies to Generate Revenue, Affiliate Marketing, and Membership Sites. One of my favorite things about talking to Tyrone is that he always provides me with actionable insights. In this episode, he gave some of absolutely fantastic tips on outsourcing elements of your blog and business. Here are some highlights of our chat:
  • The Basic Things that You Can Outsource in Your Business
  • How to Document the Processes for Your Business
  • The Cost of a Full Time Virtual Assistant
  • A Step by Step Process for How to Outsource Your Video Content
  • An In-Depth View into Using Video to Generate Leads
  • Thinking Through an Entrepreneurial Framework
  • How YouTube is Shifting Focus to Channels
  • Tips for Figuring Out Exactly What Your Audience Wants
  • Why Outsourcing is Essential to Growing Your Business
Some people and resources mentioned during this episode include: Tyrone Shum started his first internet business in 2005, working over 60 hours a week. He went out and looked for better ways to have an online business and discovered outsourcing. In 2009, he sold his business and now teaches people what he learned about outsourcing. You can follow him on twitter @tyroneshum. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter.
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