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Tyrone Shum Discusses Outsourcing Strategies to Generate Revenue, Affiliate Marketing, and Membership Sites

Tyrone Shum is somebody that I kept coming across over and over again on the blogs I read as a case study of somebody who is successful online. His membership sites generate a good amount of cash and as far as outsourcing goes, he's a freaking GENIUS. If you want to hear about a guy who has eliminated unnecessary activities from his life through outsourcing, then listen to this interview.
  • How He Restructured his Business and Outsourced it to Suit His Lifestyle
  • How to Build Relationships With People using Interviews (something that seems to be a recurring theme)
  • Why You Should Considering Hiring a Full time VA
  • How to use your VA to handle ALL of your affiliate marketing efforts (this blew my mind)
  • The Importance of Hiring a Full Time VA if you want to Effectively Automate Your Business
  • The Keys to effectively Launching Your First Membership Site
  • Making Your First $100 Online Through Affiliate Marketing Quickly
Tyrone is a highly successful blogger/entrepreneur who writes about outsourcing  and automation for lifestyle business owners (Basically  a good amount of bloggers). You can learn about him at MassOutsource and TyroneShum.com You can follow him on twitter @tyroneshum

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