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How All of Us Revolution Took A Fashion Line from Inception to Launch

Shannon Whitehead and Kristin Glenn are two of the most ambitious entrepreneurs on the web. I've been following their journey since they started their blog and even had them here as guests on BlogcastFM. Part of what interested me in their story is that they took an idea for a physical product from inception to launch. In this interview I had them walk me through what's happened since I last spoke to them. Here are some highlights from our most recent chat:
  • How One of Their Major Business Strategies Turned Out to be a Huge Bust - and How They Bounced Back
  • What it Takes to Bounce Back When You've Lost Your Motivation
  • Why Accountability Will Keep You Moving Towards Your Goals
  • Key Differences Between Running an Online Business Versus Selling a Physical Product
  • How to Market Your Brand with Virtually Zero Dollars
  • Some Fantastic Insights Into Creating Amazing Video Content for Your Business
  • The Importance of Documenting Ideas and Using Google Docs to Do It
  • How 50% of Funding Was Raised Using Kickstarter
  • The Importance of a Story, Message, and Mission Behind Your Product
Some resources mentioned during the episode include:
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