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Grant Griffiths Discusses Writing for the Human Search Engine and The Story of How a 16-Year-Old Built the Headway Theme

I’d been coming across Grant Griffiths and the Headway Theme quite a bit over the last several months, so I decided to reach out to him so that we could learn a little bit more about Grant and the Headway Theme. I even decided to take Headway for a test drive myself on The Skool of Life and gave my blog a facelift in less than 24 hours! Here are some highlights:
  • A Look Back at the Earliest Days of Blogging
  • How Staying With it for 18 months Opens Up Opportunity
  • Why There’s No Quick Fix for Traffic
  • The Keys to Blogging for Business
  • Why You Need to Write for the Human Search Engine
  • The Amazing Story of How a 16-Year-Old Built the Headway Theme
  • The Mistake of Having Too Many Blogs
  • Why You Absolutely Need a Self Hosted Blog
  • The Powerful Features of the Headway Theme
  • Making a First Impression With Good Design
  • How to Make Money With the Products You Use on a Regular Basis
Grant Griffiths blogs at Blog For Profit and is Co-Founder of both Headway Themes (a premium WordPress Framework) and G2WebMedia. He started his first blog in February 2005 to market and promote his business. Grant soon discovered blogging is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for the small business, home business and professional service firm. You can follow him on twitter @GrantGriffiths.

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