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Gini Dietrich Talks About Building Relationships with Journalists and Getting on the Radar of Mainstream Media

I’ve been dying to have a PR expert on BlogcastFM for quite some time now. And today, we have Gini Dietrich, who fit the bill perfectly given that she came from an agency background. She had some tremendous insights to share in this interview which I think you’ll get tons of attention for following:
  • How to Get on the Radar of Journalists by Commenting on Their Articles
  • How to Pitch a Story to a Journalist at any Publication
  • Why Email and Handwritten Notes Can Help You Build Relationships with Bloggers Faster than You Can Imagine
  • How to Use Your Reading of Other Blogs to Develop Ideas for New Content
  • Overcoming Writer’s Block
  • The Constant Evolution of your Network on Twitter
Gini Dietrich is CEO of Arment Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks: The Fight Against Destructive Spin, member of the Vistage coaching program, speaker, communicator, avid cyclist, and foodie. You can follow her on twitter @ginidietrich.

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