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David Risley on Developing Your Own Products, Repurposing Content, and Leveraging Your Email List

Republished as part of our 2011 BlogcastFM Busted-Laptop Rewind. David Risley's Blog Master's Club finally reopened in 2011 - and if there's one thing we've learned from David, it's how to ethically and effectively generate income through blogging and product creation. David Risley is somebody many of you have probably already heard of. He’s been tremendously successful in turning blogging into  a six figure income. If you haven’t heard of him, I’d highly recommend you check out his blog and listen to what he has to say. Here’ just a few of the highlights from this interview:
  • The Story of the Success Behind his PCMech
  • How he Outsources the Writing for PC Mech
  • Why You Should Work on Developing Your own Products
  • How to Repurpose the Content you’ve Produced and Turn it into a Product
  • The Importance of an Underlying Emotional Motivation
  • Why you Need an Email List to Mobilize Your Audience
  • How to Get Over your Fear of Doing Video Content
  • Why you Might want to Consider Turning Off your Auto-Responder Sequence
  • David’s Criteria for Accepting Guest Posts
  • The Importance of Being Willing to Charge your Audience Money
  • A Special Freebie That's normally available to only his inner circle
David Risley is the Founder of PC-Mech and is six figure blogger at DavidRisley.com. You can follow him on twitter @davidrisley. Check out his recently reopened Blog Master's Club.

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