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Danielle LaPorte On Finding Your Mission and Purpose, Literary Agents and Book Deals,Building Your Speaking Career, and More..

To say that Danielle LaPorte has been successful would be putting it lightly. Danielle got on my radar a year ago when Kelly Diels had mentioned Danielle’s name to me. She’s played a major role in the success of many previous BlogcastFM guests  so I think you’ll be blown away by what she shared during our chat. I just got through the edit of this interview and every now and then I think certain interviews could stand on their own as a product. This is one of them. Danielle packed this 45 minute session with valuable info. Here are some highlights:
  • How She Revamped a Large audience from a previous brand/best selling book
  • How She Turned Her Blog into 3 Different Books
  • The Keys to Finding the Mission and Purpose of Your Blog
  • Why It Takes 3-6 Months to Find Your Voice
  • Making the Distinction Between being a Diarist and a Teacher
  • A Story of a Blog Post that Has been Shared over 6000 Times
  • The Paradoxical Effect of Doing Things for the Money
  • The Keys to The Success of Her Firestarter Sessions
  • A look at the Blog to Book Deal Process
  • How to Start Building You Speaking Career
  • An In-Depth Look at Main Stream Media Exposure
  • How Danielle Connected with one of the Top Literary Agents
  • The Importance of a Life Remix Group
Danielle LaPorte created WhiteHotTruth.com because self realization rocks. Her signature Fire Starter Sessions help entrepreneurs be more amazing in every way. You can find her on Twitter: @daniellelaporte

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