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Growing from 2,000 to 10,000 Subscribers in 6 months with Chris Antoni

Chris came onto my radar because he reached out to me and mentioned that he had been a guest on another popular podcast.  Although he’s new to the world of blogging and the making money online niche, he’s actually been wildly successful in the gaming niche. Here are some highlights:
  • How to Become an Expert in a Slightly Related Niche
  • The Importance of Guest Posting on Blogs Outside Your Niche
  • What Chris Does to Make $10,000 a Month from His Blog
  • Some Keys to Selling Products on Your Blog
  • Selling Products Through Audio Content
  • Killer Tips for a More Effective Newsletter
Chris Antoni has been blogging on multiple websites for over three years. His current current project is The Traffic Blogger, where he focuses on showing others how to drive traffic, build relationships, and earn money. You can follow him on twitter @foldberg1.

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